Schools Coaching Programmes


Spin4Serve currently runs various schools programmes around the surrounding areas of our clubs and we can offer a variety of schools coaching programmes.


Primary Schools:

Age 4 - 11 years old. Most primary schools do not have tennis courts, but with our portable mini tennis equipment all we need to set up a programme is a playground or hall and this can be in school time or as an after school club.


Secondary Schools:

Age 11 - 16 years old. In the summer term most secondary schools have the use of tennis courts at their school, and we devise a coaching programme for those summer terms.

Private Schools: 

We currently do the summer coaching for St Ronans School and Vinehall School.


Age 16-18 years old. We run an all year coaching programme at Bexhill College for their students and a Tennis Academy for a group of high level players. They have two hours coaching a week and play in LTA college competitions as well as tournaments in their own time.



Most of our school coaching programmes run all year round, and some only for part of the year.

We are very flexible, and will set up coaching programmes for any school where possible, no matter how big or small.

We try to encourage the really keen children or the ones that show good potential into our club programmes to get them playing tennis all year round.

For any enquiries about schools coaching please e-mail us or call 07881 920159